5 Horror and Sci-Fi TV Show-Themed Halloween Bites

It’s easy to fall back on your fifth Hocus Pocus Halloween party in a row, but this year, ditch witches for other horror and sci-fi fun. To help narrow down the genre’s options, we’ve picked five TV shows for inspiration. How about a Stranger Things-themed bash featuring Eleven’s favorite food — waffles, pictured above, that you can make in less than 30 minutes — or a Walking Dead party where you serve a zombie cocktail?

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Lost: Ahi Poke

Lost filmed in Hawaii, fish was one of the major proteins that the Flight 815 survivors ate on the tropical island and poke is totally on-trend right now. It’s an easy choice.

The X-Files: Mini Pizzas

Instead of getting delivery pizza like Mulder and Scully, make bite-sized versions at home — with mushrooms, of course — to fuel up for fighting aliens. Bonus points if you shape the dough like UFOs.

Twin Peaks: Cherry Pie-in-a-Jar

Agent Dale Cooper would probably appreciate a pint-sized cherry pie-in-a-jar — just don’t forget to serve coffee alongside it.

The Walking Dead: Zombie Gut Punch Cocktail

One of our favorite Halloween cocktails may help you get over Negan’s murdering spree on The Walking Dead’s Season 7 premiere. Pour one out for the dear departed..

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