Embrace Your Inner Kid with 5 Fun Flips on Pizza

The best way to de-stress after a long day at work is to eat satisfying comfort food, but narrowing that category down to the ideal meal can sometimes be tough. Let us do the work for you: You want pizza. You always want pizza.

Instead of serving a boring cheese pie, satisfy your inner kid (and make your kids happy) with sky-high Stuffed Pizza (pictured above) or dessert pizza for breakfast. Once you know how to make pizza dough, the possibilities are endless. Check out four more of our kid-friendly favorites below, and tune in for Cooking Channel’s Pizza Week from Sept. 11 to 18.

Potato Skin Pizza

On an episode of the Pizza Masters web series Sliced! cousins Sal Basille and Francis Garcia competed to see who could make the best pizza with potatoes and bacon. Watch how to make a pie that tastes like a giant potato skin.

Taco Pizza

This wacky pizza-taco fusion uses a pizza crust instead of taco shells, piling on taco-seasoned sausage, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and corn chips.

Pizza Pockets

Step away from the freezer and stuff dough with anything your heart desires. Giada De Laurentiis uses turkey sausage, arugula and cream cheese for a more grown-up version of the classic, but you could also try cheese and pepperoni for pickier palates.

Dessert Breakfast Pizza

Have dessert for breakfast with a cinnamon-sugar crust topped with creamy cheese and berries.

Get more comfort food recipes.

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