Haylie’s 5 Must-Have Travel Items

I feel so lucky that my “job” takes me to all kinds of fun and exciting places, but we all know that even traveling somewhere wonderful still includes a trip to the airport and some in-air time. Here are my five travel must-haves for making the experience a bit more enjoyable!

1. Always wear shoes that require socks, or put an extra pair in your carry-on bag! This is, hands down, my No. 1 rule. Have you seen those floors?? Germs galore. Don’t be the one who’s barefoot and standing on your tippy toes, thinking that that will keep you from picking up whatever is on the ground. BTW, this isn’t just a cleanliness thing — this is a great way to protect yourself from getting sick. I mean, you can wash your hands, but ya can’t really wash your feet in an airport or on a plane.

2. Bring a small pillow. It seems like the 6 a.m. flight between New York and Los Angeles has become my second home. I can always fall right asleep if I bring a pillow. Another trick? The cover inevitably gets dirty from your travel day. Pack a second pillowcase to swap them out, or even flip your pillowcase inside out for the flight back.

3. Pack snacks and water. My rosemary-and-truffle-salt Marcona almonds are always in my bag on a travel day. Also, flying can really dehydrate you, so make sure to buy a large bottle of water before you get on the plane — and drink all of it! Yes, you may have to get up for the restroom, but your skin and body will thank you!

4. Don’t forget in-air skin care! Most days, I am walking off a plane and right into a workday. Taking care of my skin during travel is really important to me! I pack a few of my favorite skin care items in my carry-on so I can keep my face feeling hydrated and fresh — usually a small pack of makeup-remover wipes, a moisture mist spray (like Heritage Store Rosewater), a tinted moisturizer (like Jouer, in Bronze) and a good lip balm.

5. Bring all your chargers on the plane with you. They won’t do you much good in your checked luggage … and, if you are like me, your phone will be dead before you land and you will need it to navigate to your next stop. (Can you tell this happens to me all the time?)




Watch all of Haylie’s adventures across the country on Haylie’s America, starting Thursday, September 8 at 10pm ET.

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